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 To act on behalf of organisations which deal in matters affecting Senior Citizens with a view to promoting and advancing the interests, welfare and quality of life of such persons without impinging on the sovereignty of the individual Member Organisations.


 1.     To obtain consensus of opinion from its Member Organisations on matters of common interest and take appropriate action where deemed necessary;

2.   To become involved in and strive to co-operate with Government in the creation of advisory councils to the Government at the National and Provincial levels;

3.    To negotiate with organisations with similar objectives, NGOs and professional organisations on matters of common interest to its Member Organisations;

4.    To approach the media on matters pertaining to the objectives of The Confederation and its Member Organisations;

5.  To approach commercial and financial organisations and liaise with local and international bodies of a similar nature on matters of interest to the Member Organisations;

6.     To disseminate relevant information to its Member Organisations;

7.   To assist Member Organisations in the promotion and the development of their club/organisation where required from time to time;

8.   To identify, help and encourage the formation of Seniors Organisations for all population groups; and

9.     Anything ancillary to the above.