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Membership drive

Setting up office in Vereeniging

Disseminating information to member organisations on topics such as those listed below

Published a number of news reports and articles on research and information as well as references to SACSO and its member organisations in Plus50 magazine (on items such as the Consumer Protection Act)

Articles on SACSO in the SAARP Bulletin

A variety of radio talks, including RSG, Radio Pulpit, Radio 155, Radio Namakwaland, Radio Rippel, Radio Pretoria

GreyPower and members of SACSO management have also been involved in the development and presentation of a Short Course in Creative Ageing in co-operation with the University of Pretoria.

Developing the role of older persons in the present work force

Negotiating favourable rates on DStv for pensioners

Participation in the Air Shed Quality Committee in terms of Act  No  3364 of 2010

 Representations made:

Amendment to the Unemployment Insurance Act

Increase of Tax Free Interest allowances for persons over 70

Subsidies for Old Age Homes

Discrimination in the Social Pension age of males and females

Nersa on Eskom tariff increase

High level of crime in South Africa

Re:Older Persons conned out of money for a trip to the Cape and Robben Island

SALGA re rebates on municipal rates for pensioners

Elder abuse in state hospitals

Demutualisation of shares by Sanlam & Old Mutual

Penalties imposed by Life Insurers on early terminations

The Minister of Finance about class action and fines for companies found guilty of price fixing

The Human Rights Commission on the issue of bank charges for pensioners

Director-General of the Treasury in connection with the Jali Commissionís Report on bank charges

Interest rate decreases  negatively affect pensioners dependant on interest income from their life savings

The establishment of a Desk for the Elderly in the Office of the State President

Submissions to the MEC for Transport in Gauteng re a discount for pensioners on road  toll fees.

To SARS on non-notification of pensioners on Income Tax returns

Requirement of Bank Guaranteed Cheques for municipal charges


Formulation of Older Persons Act 2007 and Regulation published in 2010

Establishment of the South African Older Persons Forum

Introduction of Reverse Mortgages and creation of the SA Home Equity Release Protection Association

Review of legislation controlling housing in retirement complexes including The Ombudsman for Housing Schemes and amendment of the Sectional Titles Act

Home care and the training of health care workers for the older person in terms of Act 13 of 64

Formulation of the SA Policy on Ageing