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 In 2000 a group of Seniors Clubs felt the need for an umbrella body to band together similar organisations with the object of working in the interests of older persons in the RSA and consequently the National Federation of Seniors Organisations (NAFSO) was established and was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) as well as a Public Benefit Organisation. In spite of achieving some success in representing the voice of the older person it was realized that a much larger group needed to become involved if the organisation was to be effective and consequently in 2005 a wider group met with the NAFSO members and after discussion changed the name of the organisation to the South African Confederation of Seniors Organisations (SACSO). The membership of SACSO was then extended to include the South African Association of Retired Persons (SAARP), Gryskrag/Greypower, Club 60 (Spoornet), Silver Springbok Association (SAA), and later Pensiongripes, the Interest Group for Retirement Villages and the Public Service Association. As a Registered Non-Profit Organisation and a Registered Public Benefit Organisation the accounts of SACSO are audited annually by Massyns and Associates, Registered Accountants and Auditors and donations made to SACSO are deductible from the taxable income of the donors.